Revelations 20:11

11 Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. The earth and the heavens fled from his presence, and there was no place for them.

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The Great White 
Throne Judgment drama! A theatrical traveling ministry presenting the "Word of God" live on stage!




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Your Donations support this traveling drama to remain free to public. The costs and expenses are covered by your generous offering and monthly donations. We have dozens of  dedicated volunteers GWT  staff and suppliers., however we need you too!


2016-18 Our goals are to raise a million dollars to fund this ministry full time across the nation. Please be generous with your tax deductible gifts. Again we say, thank you in advance from every GWT Ministry team member and  volunteer.
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A Devoted Woman of God!

Evangelist Mollie Robbins

Director and Writer

Director and Writer

The Great White Throne Judgment Drama play, For over 36 years, tens of thousands have witnessed this play across America! Mrs. Mollie Robbins and late husband, Minister Sylvester Robbins, traveled across American communities and churches to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands, sharing the love of God and His amazing eternal Life through Christ.


The Great White Throne Drama has been performed in cities such as: Long Beach, Pasadena, Ontario, Torrance, Compton,

Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Trenton, New Jersey, Oakland, Virginia, Sacramento, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Detroit, and more.


Today, Evangelist Mollie Robbins is stronger, and even more devoted. Her preservernce continues as she delivers God’s loving message. For 35 years, The GWT has been a true mission of love, compassion and devotion to winning souls for Christ and sharing God’s grace and forgiveness.

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           "Winning the Lost at any Cost!"


Drama theme is from Revelations 20:11

Great White Throne Judgment
Drama Ministry


Evangelist Sylvester & Mollie Robbins started a ministry in May, 1976 where God gave them the vision of a theatrical ministry “The Great White Throne Judgment Ministry Drama”. Since conception of the ministry it has captivated thousands over the years and thousands have excepted  Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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Written & Directed by:
Evangelist Mollie Robbins


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